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Aerial Photography





Cessna Turbo 206 equipped with a King KLN 90B GPS navigation system, that has the ability to perform Airborne GPS.


Aerial Camera

ZEISS RMK TOP 15 high precision aerial mapping system equipped with a T-AS gyro-stabilized suspension mount and T-MC forward motion compensating magazine.

With an AWAR of 107... we capture sharpest image possible.




Photo Lab Equipment

Agfa Gevatone 66 Film Processor

Electronic Photo Cintrolís UCP  Contact Printer

Rite 301 Transmission Densitometer 

Since we do our own processing, photographs are often in the hands of the mapping staff within hours instead of days after the flight.





Zeiss Analytical Stereoplotter





(5) Zeiss Planicomp P3 Analytical stereoplotters configured with superimposition


(2) Zeiss Planicomp P33 Analytical stereoplotters configured with superimposition

Gives NAM the capacity to complete your job on time........




Z/I Imaging (Zeiss) high-precision photogrammetric Scanner



Our Zeiss SCAI Precision Scanner is recognized for its outstanding seven micron resolution and dimensional stability in producing high resolution digital imagery and precise digital orthophotos. 





Photogrammetric Data Collection



NAM utilizes VrOne on all collection and editing stations. VrOne is a CAD package specifically designed for  feature extraction and DTM collection for the mapping industry. With VrOne's flexibility it allows customized output into virtually any format.

We save our clients money by utilizing the most efficient technology.